SAS-Nepal submitted attaintion letter to NARC management

A group of Society of Agricultural Scientists Nepal (SAS-Nepal) executives led by its president met with the Executive Director (ED) and the team members of the NARC Senior Management Team (SMT) of Nepal Agricultural Research Council (NARC) on September 6, 2022, to discuss the current issues in the welfare of NARC scientists. To create a scientific environment within NARC HQ and its offices across the country, the team urged the NARC executive director to pay more attention to it. In addition, The SAS-Nepal has submitted a letter of attention to NARC Central Management Team regarding the following current issues of NARC.

  • The SAS-Nepal had provided some important opinions and suggestions for the amendments and corrections after intensive discussions with the NARC Bylaws Revision Committee. Nevertheless, some of them went unaddressed. This issue had been strongly brought to the attention of the NARC SMT by SAS-Nepal.
  •  Prior to finalizing the report of the Organization and Management (O&M) survey, SAS Nepal insisted NARC SMT the draft report be shared and discussed with SAS-Nepal, scientists and other stakeholders.
  • The undergoing process of vertical promotion of NARC's staffs appears to have been withheld/slowed, therefore, SAS-Nepal strongly urged NARC management to resume/proceed the process as soon as possible.